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South Shields ...
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OLIVER and VALLACK Sth. Shields - (South Shields - Durham)
I would love to hear from anyone related to, or researching, the Vallack family or the Oliver family from the South Shields, Westoe areas. With regard to my 'Oliver' family, it seems the eldest son was always named "Mewburn Oliver", for several generations. If any other 'Oliver' researchers find they have a 'Mewburn Oliver' perched in their tree, (or any 'Hunter Oliver's'), it is most likely we have a connection.
Family Surnames: Vallack, Oliver
William Wouldhave 1751 - (South Shields - Durham)
William Wouldhave, lifeboat designer, married to Hannah Crow. They had at least two children - Luke 1776 who married Eleanor Cockburn and Hannah 1784. Luke went on to live in Grimsby.I'd be grateful for any further information on this family including other relatives.
Family Surnames: Wouldhave Crow Cockburn
JOHNSTON, James Frederick of VICTORIA BREWERY - (South Shields - Durham)
Does anyone have any information relating to James Frederick Johnston, manager of the Victoria Brewery, South Shields? He was born about 1858 and lived at 44 Bath Street in 1901 with his wife Dorothy and children Alfie, Minnie and James. Many thanks, Neill.
Family Surnames: Johnston
lightford/golightly - (South Shields - Durham)
I am trying to trace a George Lightford who married a Margaret golightly in 1848. I have them in the 1851 census and in the 1871 census but cannot find them in the 1861 census. In the 1861 census they should have a few children, william born around 1849, john thomas around 1852 and mary 1857. My g grand mother Jane was born 1861 after the 1861 census.Margaret Golightly was born 1829 in south shields to Benjamin golightly and Mary Orwin. George was also born around 1829 in Jarrow I think his father was william lightford. If anyone has any info on this line I would love your help.
Family Surnames: Lightford Golightly
McCluney - (South Shields - Durham)
Interested in hearing from anyone researching McCluney. My grandfather Hugh McCluney was born in Sunderland, but later lived in South Shields.
Family Surnames: Mccluney
Duncan, Richardson - (South Shields - Durham)
Looking for information regarding Jane Duncan and Joseph Richardson, married on 25 July 1847 at St Hilda's, South Shields. They later moved to Kingston upon Hull, and their daughter Martha married Robert Peach.
Family Surnames: Duncan, Richardson
WEIGHTMAN - (South Shields - Durham)
Wheeler or Parker family info - (South Shields - Durham)
Can anyone tell me about Emily Wheeler (she was my great grandmother) born in south shields and married a Francis John Parker from Darlington. Had 4 children-Reggie, Florrie, Edith and Betty..she moved to West Yorkshire after the death of her husband and died here about 1977.
Family Surnames: Parker, Wheeler
John Watson/'Lizzie' Elizabeth Ann nee Reid - (South Shields - Durham)
My maternal grandparents were Police Sgt John Watson and'Lizzie' Elizabeth Ann nee Reid there were six children.Only my mother Edna, Florrie and Margaret survived their teens
Family Surnames: Watson Reid
dale street - (South Shields - Durham)
i am trying to find relations of the pippets they lived in dale street south shields and owned the little store i beleave dale street is all gone now
Family Surnames: Pippet
duck/westoe/south shields - (South Shields - Durham)
duck/margaret (maiden name unknown) born about 1806 any information about her or family DUCK. Son George Duck direct ancestor born 1831,in Westoe, South Shields. Families connected in 19th. century include, Riddle, Reid, Kirkley, Peel and Gowland.
Family Surnames: Duck Riddle Reid Kirkley Peel Gowland
Master Mariner drowned at sea - (South Shields - Durham)
John Couper born Queensferry, Scotland, 1824, drowned at sea in 1859-1860. Had a daughter Elizabeth born 1859 and a son John Robert born after his death. Married Ellen Humble in 1858 at South Shields, Durham, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Family Surnames: Couper
nessworthy - (South Shields - Durham)
I am interested in anyone who might know any links to Nessworthy from SouthShields especially from the Law Top and Palletine Street.
Family Surnames: Nessworthy
St Stephens church verger - (South Shields - Durham)
Looking for info on Albert Steere verger of St Stephens church, South Shields.Fostered a boy with his wife around the end of 1919,my father
Family Surnames: Steere
whitfield - (South Shields - Durham)
i am trying to do a family tree on the whitfields from south shields my grandad was daniel whitfield born 1920 died 1999 would be interested in any info
Family Surnames: Whitfield
stothard - (South Shields - Durham)
trying to do a family tree my nana's maiden name was stothard her father died about 1923ish he married an elizabeth in south shields would be interested in any info
Family Surnames: Stothard
TATE/THOMPSON - (South Shields - Durham)
James Tate married Maria Thompson 1899/1901? Maria's father was George Thompson master mariner
bernaschina - (South Shields - Durham)
I am trying to find my Grt Grt Grandfathers family He was called Antoine/Antonio Married to Eliza A M Their children were :- Antonio Frances Henry born 1878 Nellie Honor born 1881 Janet born 1883 The children were all christened at St Hildas church The father was from a family who taught language and music or were listed as professional actors so I would make the assumption he would be doing something similar in South Shields. I would be grateful if any one with any info could help me. The family began to use the name Morland some time after this and moved to near Hull and then to Portsmouth.
Family Surnames: Bernaschina
oliver/thompson - (South Shields - Durham)
looking for any information relating to the marriage in south shields of elizabeth oliver and george thompson in 1935.
Family Surnames: Thompson/Oliver
Shirley (Sharley) Simmons - (South Shields - Durham)
Shirley Simmons born 1822 in Brancaster, Norfolk lived with his family in and around South Shields and Bishopwearmouth and according to the 1881 census was an AB seaman aboard the Seaton vessel. Could anyone tell me any more about either this man (my g.g.g.g.grandfather) or the vessel?
Family Surnames: Simmons
Help with Family tree - (South Shields - Durham)
Hi i'm trying to trace my mothers paternal family tree. My grandfather was born in South Shields, John Leslie Scott in 1924/25. He had at least 2 sisters, Vera & Iris. Also At least 2 brothers, Thomas and James. My grandad married a mary veronica Teague in Staines, middlesex in 1947. If anyone has any relevant info i would like to hear from them to help me search my tree. Thanks kim
Family Surnames: Scott
ORMSBY - (South Shields - Durham)
Searching for information/connections of Ormsby family, Francis Cornforth Ormsby, born 1816, wife Alice; Francis N Ormsby born1849, wife Margaret Haggerston; Elixabeth Ann, born 1851, husband Nicholas Dobson;Frank H Ormsby born 1880 Alice Gray Ormsby born 1876. etc.
Family Surnames: Ormsby
DOBSON - (South Shields - Durham)
Looking for descendents of Jeremiah Dobson, a baker, born1822, married Mary Ann Grey in 1848. Children Nicholas, William, John G, Thomas, and Mary Ann. His father was also Jeremiah, mother Eleanor. Lived Commercial Road, Westoe, East Holborn,and Brewery Quay.
Family Surnames: Dobson, Grey
Pearson Black - (South Shields - Durham)
I am looking for anyone related to a Pearson Black .My grt grandmother was married to Pearson Black from East Holywell they had four children (Mary Jane my grandmother) (Joseph who married Minnie Mckenzie from New Zealand they had two sons Pearson and James) (James married Alice!!! they had three sons Pearson, Douglas and William )Anne the youngest who never married .She worked at the Pelaw shirt factory for the Co-op would love to find out more
Family Surnames: Gair
FAMILY SEARCH - (South Shields - Durham)
Family Surnames: Smith, Purvis
Robertson/Hutchinson - (South Shields - Durham)
I would like to find any members of the above family as I have a postcard to Mr R Robertson of Ravenswood Hse/Street posted in 1916 from a Billy Bell or Ball and a M Hutchinson who were working at the time in Penge London. If possible it would be nice to return the card. I know its a long shot but I hope it may ring a bell with someone
Family Surnames: Robertson/Hutchinson
KIDD/COLDEN - (South Shields - Durham)
I am trying to trace my great grandmothers (Maria)family. She married a Frank(cis) Kidd who was a blacksmith and they lived in Raglan street,westoe, south shields in 1884. I have now found out her maiden name was COLDEN I have come to a brick wall. can anyone help?
Family Surnames: Kidd/Colden
holmes/kidd - (South Shields - Durham)
Mygrandfather was called William Edward Holmes and I believe he was born in 1883 unfortunately not sure where? He married Phoebe annie Kidd in august 1902. He lived at 5 George Street, south shields and his father Edward was deceased at the time of the wedding. William was a blacksmith and his father Edward was a Rivetter. They ended up living in Alice Street, South Shields and had 6 children, my mother Lilian being one of them. she is now 86. Her grandmother and my greatgrandmother's mother's maiden name was COLDEN. she married Francis Kidd in 1881 and she had 5 children. Any one know of either of these two families. Appreciate any help?
Family Surnames: Kidd Colden Holmes
Looking for a Elizabeth Lambert born 1883 in South Shields - (South Shields - Durham)
Hi, I am looking for my Great Grandmother who I think was born in South Sheilds in Durham in 1883, her name is Elizabeth Lambert and her dads name is Geogre Lambert. She married a Alfred Ware my great granddad and their had five children Margeret Elizabeth Ware, Eva Maude Ware,William Ware,Ellen May Ware and Charles Ware. around 1920 to 1927 Elizabeth went off and Alfred re married in 1927, what im trying to find out is what happened to Elizabeth after 1927, if anyone could help or has any infro i would be very grateful.
Family Surnames: Lambert
Gibson family, walpole street, south shields - (South Shields - Durham)
Hello i'm trying to find information about my granda's family. He was born Albert Gibson in 1926 in walpole street, south shields. I believe he was the youngest of 11, I know he had brothers called James and John and sisters named Florry, mary alice, Elizabeth, Nan. His fathers name was John Scott Gibson and his mother Elizabeth Ann Gibson (nee Wells). If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Family Surnames: Gibson, Wells
NEESON Family - (South Shields - Durham)
Seeking descendants of Patrick Neeson and wife Margaret Neeson (both Irish born)who were resident at 50 Hardwick Street, Westoe in 1881 Census. With them them was son Charles Neeson born Scotland about 1858.Margaret's maiden name may have been Blue. The original name recorded may have been Naason. Patrick and Charles were still on 1901 Census for South Shields. I believe Charles may have been born at Craigmark Village, Dalmellington, Ayrshire. If so knowledge and contacts re this line would greatly help my Neeson search.
Family Surnames: Neeson
Frazer .Srephenson South Shields - (South Shields - Durham)
Looking for any information on Jane Frazer born 1833 South Shields Married Joseph Stephenson born 1831 Heddon on the Wall.also Jane Frazer Stephenson daughter of above born 1852 South Shields married to Alfred Nichols born 1856 Essex moved to Gateshead
Family Surnames: Frazer.Stephenson.Nichols
JAMES KEMP - (South Shields - Durham)
Several of my KEMP ancestors migrated to SOUTH SHIELDS and WESTOE. Among them were: James KEMP (1821 - 1891). He lived at various addresses including: 5 Railway Huts, Tyne Dock, 28 Dock Street, Tyne Dock and he died at 8 Frost Street, Westoe in 1891. James was a Dock Pilot and originally from WELLS NEXT the SEA. He was married twice. James second wife came from Tow Law. Her name was Phillis Smith. If you know anything about either of these people, I would be pleased to hear from you.
Family Surnames: Kemp, Smith
JORDAN/KEMP - (South Shields - Durham)
My relation Eliza KEMP born 1863 married Frank JORDAN. Originally from Wells Next the Sea, they came to live in South Shields. Eliza and Frank had three daughters (that I know of) who were: Eliza Ann Jordan born 1887, Elizabeth Jordan born 1888 and Elsie May Jordan born 1897. In the 1901 census, the family were living at: 2 Pontop Cottages, Alexander Street, South Shields and on the 1891 census were living at: 19 Gordon Street, South Shields, Durham. If you are related to any of these people, I would love to hear from you!
Family Surnames: Jordan, Kemp
William Bell - Coal Miner - (South Shields - Durham)
Looking for any information on my Gt Gt Grandfather William Bell born abt 1822 in South Shields. He married Mary Ann Shanks (b Long Benton) in 1844. William was a coal miner. I have deatils of his life from 1844 onwards but having trouble tracing him in 1841 census and earlier. Can anybody give some help
Family Surnames: Bell
perlish - (South Shields - Durham)
we are trying to trace any information about Gustav Edward Perlish (Perlice) who owned a company in skin trading, married a Jane Isabella Newham in 1908 they had a son Rudolph in Dec 1909 but they both died in childbirth. previous to this he lived in Tynemouth any information would be appreciated. Thank you
Family Surnames: Perlish- Newham
Sarah Ann SMITH - (South Shields - Durham)
I am trying to to trace my family links of Sarah Ann SMITH, who was the daughter of my Grandma`s Grandma`s son. She was born in South Shields, about 1895. Mothers name Ruth SMITH nee WINN. After the birth of her child she returned to her husband in Stanningley Yorkshire. She apparantly went to Durham just to have Her child. Fathers name Jeremiah SMITH born 1860 Bridgenorth, Salop. If any body out there could possibly help, I would be extremely grateful.Father SMITH was also known as Jeremiah TROTH.Would really like to know the address and occupants names, where the baby was born. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Smith, Troth.
Wile - (South Shields - Durham)
Help with family of John Johnston WILE, and son William Whitfield Wile b c 1905. William died during WWII on a boat named The Caroline Moller at the time of his death he was living in Whitley Bay with his wife and two children.
Family Surnames: Wile
Hantom - (South Shields - Durham)
Many variations on this surname - HANTOM HANTON HUNTOON ANTHAM ANTHAMS. My grandfather Frederick Hantom was born Sth Shields Durham 1897. Family - father John & mother Elizabeth (nee McMahon) and Fred's siblings moved abt 1892 from Wigan Lancashire. They sailed in 1911 for New Zealand. Any relevant info. please.
Family Surnames: Hantom Mcmahon
Isabella Duckworth - (South Shields - Durham)
Trying to trace relatives of Isabella Duckworth born South shields 1896. Her father was an undertaker who placed Isabella and her sister into a convent when their mother died. Thanks Harry
Family Surnames: Duckworth
marilyn scott - (South Shields - Durham)
looking for family brothers michael alfred sister sonia father george lived in chichester street 1950
Family Surnames: Scott
CROFT FAMILY MEMBERS - (South Shields - Durham)
Looking for any information on William Croft (born 1920) and his sister Margaret Croft, mother Isabelle Croft of Heron Street, South Shields, father unknown. William Croft was raised by a Mr & Mrs Smith.
Family Surnames: Croft, Smith
John Wilkinson born 1839 - (South Shields - Durham)
I am trying to find information on a John Wilkinson of South Shields. He appears on the 1861 census as living with his wife Amelia and daughter Mary I. Wilkinson. Although I know that his wife was born Amelia Wills, I have been unable to find any evidence of a marriage taking place.
Family Surnames: Wilkinson Wills
Nora May Soutar - (South Shields - Durham)
Looking for information on a Nora May Soutar born 1917 South Shields to Elizabeth Agatha Soutar, South Shields, she married George Frederick Thompson 1943 lived in Gateshead Wooler street. At some point she lived in Bolingbrooke Street Heaton.
Family Surnames: Soutar,Thompson
JAMES NORMAN TURNER - (South Shields - Durham)
I am looking in particular of a photograph of my Grandfathers Barber Shop on Ocean Road about 50s or 60s. Would be a great find!
Family Surnames: Turner
Jane Duddigan b.1915 - (South Shields - Durham)
I am trying to find information on Jane Duddigan, born 02 May 1915 in South Shields. I cannot find any more info on her, such as baptism, marriage, death, emigration, adoption etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Family Surnames: Duddigan
Cable/Gray - (South Shields - Durham)
trying to find George Foster Gray family - he married my grandmother Florence Cable 1908 - she left him and three children - Jimmy and 2 daughters. Married at St Hildas
looking for James McDonald - (South Shields - Durham)
Looking for my grandfather James McDonald,he immagrated to Canada sometime after the Boer war.He served in 18th Lothian 1899-1902.Lists Lerwick as place of birth 1884 or 86.Mother was Mrs.A.McDonald listed in Lerwick on attestation paper for CEF ww1, any info greatly appreaciated
Family Surnames: Mcdonald
Pinckney - (South Shields - Durham)
am looking for information onPinckney, Giles he lived here for many years.
Family Surnames: Pinckney
Wright Family - (South Shields - Durham)
I am looking for any members of the Wright family who lived in or around the Lawe Top South Shields. The family where mainly Pilots or Foyboatmen. Was your father or grand father John Wright knowen as Jack Wright who left South Shields in the fiftys or sixtys please contact me. Thank you Alan
Family Surnames: Wright
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