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Haswell ... Hebburn
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Wisternoff and variants - (Haswell - Durham)
I am interested in any mention of this name in the Haswell area, or anyone descended from William Wisternoff and his wife Ellen.
Family Surnames: Wisternoff
Kebell/Walton - (Haswell - Durham)
Looking for info on John Kebell, originally of London, and Ann Hannah Walton of Haswell, Co. Durham. They were married approx. 1901 in London where Ann was working as a domestic and moved back to Haswell (at least one of their children was born at 5 Alexander Terrace). John was a boot and shoemaker by trade. I have much info about John but none about Ann or her parents or siblings. Ann was born in 1881. They had five children; Edith, Mary, Henrietta "May", George and Harold.
Family Surnames: Kebell/Walton
WARD - (Haswell - Durham)
William WARD b. 1830c @ Fords Heath, PONTESBURY, Shropshire married Jane (possibly ELKIN or HARRIS) she was b. 1840c @ Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, they marrid @ Dudley 1856, their first 3 children John W. b. 1857, Ellen b. 1859, Isaiah b. 1867 were born @ BLOXWICH, further children are Elias b. 1870 @ EASINGTON, Mary b. 1870c TRIMDON, County Durham, Thomas b. HASWELL according to the 1871/81/91 Census for County Durham (although Mary is not entered for 1871/81)and in 91 is aged 21?)by 1901 we find William (the sole occupier at address of Mary Street, Haswell, County Durham) age 71 Retired Miner and entered as married? his wife Jane died 1874 if you think you may have a connection to the above family I would be happy to hear from you. Kathleen
Family Surnames: Ward
Burn, William, Smith, Mary Ann - (Haswell - Durham)
Looking for any info.on g/grandfather William James? Burn & g/grandmother Mary Ann Smith(Burn)last known date at 39 Talbot Street, Murton Colliery, approx. May/1884.Unsure of how many children they had, but at least one daughter, Mary Ellen, my grandmother who then married Thomas Kay. Any info at all regarding Burn,Smith & Kay family would be most appreciative. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Burn, Smith, Kay
Annie Murray - (Haswell - Durham)
Living at Haswell up to 1911.Born Cumbria.Widow. Did she remarry?
Family Surnames: Murray
Kell - (Haswell - Durham)
Has anyone got in their tree the name Kell. The name is Dawson Kell born Rainton 1844 he married a mary who was born in 1838 from Longer Huntingdonshire.
Family Surnames: Kell
Researching Dorothy Judith Bones - (Haswell - Durham)
Dorothy Judith Bones ended her days in Haswell. She was married to John Bones. I know that she was born in Sunderland around 1833 and that her maiden name was Fawcett. Does anyone have any information into her very early years
Family in Haswell - (Haswell - Durham)
The names I am researching with connections to Haswell are Hair, Short, Williams, Coates, Roxby, Davison, Dryden.Hill and Smith.
Family Surnames: Hair,Short,Williams,Coates,Roxby,Davison,Dryden,Hill,Smith
Haley/o'hara - (Haswell Moor - Durham)
Looking for descendants of Thomas and Margaret(O'Hara)Haley. Both born abt:1858-59 Thomas is from Derbyshire, Margaret from Wigan, Lancaster. 1881 Census has them born in Ireland. Children are: Ann, John, Mary, Catherine, william, Ellen, Thomas and James, Parents of Thomas: James and Mary Haley Born, Ireland, Derbyshire>Durham Most of the men were Coal Miners
Family Surnames: Haley O'hara
PATTERSON - (Haswell Plough - Durham)
Barbara PATTERSON (Pattinson on GRO entry) was born 8/10/1873 @ The Plough, Haswell to Elizabeth PATTERSON (no father named on birth certificate) Barbara PATTERSON is my Gt. Grandmother, she was raised by Jasper and Jane (Clough) PATTERSON as their 'daughter' (as recorded on 1881 census) also a 'son' named Jasper PATTERSON (Pattinson on GRO entry) who was born 3 days before Barbara on 5/10/1873 his birth mother is named as Ann PATTERSON (no father named on birth certificate) of The Plough, Haswell, the were raised together with Jasper and Jane's own 6 children: Ann b. 1856, Robert b. 1860, Jane b. 1868, George b. 1870, John b. 1875, Jane (Clough) Patterson also gave birth to a son named Jasper b. 1872-d. 1872, Barbara married Thomas WARD b. Sept qtr. 1872 @ Haswell m. 26/3/1892 @ Easington, Jasper married Barbara LAWSON b. 1878 @ Haswell m. 18/10/1897 @ Belmont, Durham, if you have been kind enough to read all of this, thank you, if you are researching the same line or have any link to the family I would be happy to hear from you.
Family Surnames: Patterson, Ward, Lawson, Chisholm
Austin Family - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
Seeking any Austin family coming from Haughton during the 19th century.
Family Surnames: Austin
ALDERSON FAMILY - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
Looking for the family of HANNAH ALDESON who married THOMPSON WALTON at Haughton Le Skerne around 1822. ANY information would be aprreciated. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Alderson, Walton
The Winns of Haughton - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
I am seeking information about my family who settled in the Haughton area about 1860, in particular my great grandfather Anthony Winn, who was born in 1834 and died in 1899
Family Surnames: Winn
SMITH - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
I am reseaching my family tree and would like contact with anyone with information about Jane Smith who was born 1830/1831 in Haughton Le Skerne. She married a Thomas Firth and they were Ale and Porter Merchants in Post House Wynd, Darlington.
Family Surnames: Smith Firth
Wastell Haughon Le Skerne - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
I would like to contact anyone who has info on the following:- 1. Elizabeth Wastell dau/Robert Wastell and Margaret SHIRTLIFFE, bn 1806 Redmarshall, mr William HODGSON 1834 Staindrop. 2. Robert WASTELL son/George WAISTELL and Mary WRANGHAM, bn ca 1780 Egglescliffe, mr Margaret SHIRTLIFFE 1801 Egglescliffe. 3. George WAISTELL son/Robert WAISTOL and Mary RIDSDALE, bn ca 1755 Haughton Le Skerne, mr Mary WRANGHAM 1779 Haughton Le Skerne. 4. Robert WAISTOL son/ Robert WASTELL and Ann DUELL, bn ca 1721 Haughton Le Skerne, mr Mary RIDSDALE 1752 Darlington. 5. Mary WRANGHAM dau/William WRANGHAM and Jane WALTON, bn ca 1760 Haughton Le Skerne, mr George WAISTELL 1779 Haughton Le Skerne. 6. William WRANGHAM son/Thomas WRANGHAM and Francis DICKSON, bn ca 1736 Haughton Le Skerne, mr Jane WALTON 1758 Haughton Le Skerne.
Family Surnames: Wastell, Waistell, Waistol, Hodgson, Shirtliffe, Wrangham, Ridsdale, Duel,Walton, Dickson
Thomas WRANGHAM - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
I would like to contact anyone who has info on the following:- Thomas WRANGHAM 1729 mr Francis DICKSON at Haughton Le Skerne
Family Surnames: Wrangham, Dickson
Robert WAISTOL, Haughton le Skerne - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
Seeking info on Robert WAISTON, son/ Robert WASTELL and Ann DUEL, bn ca 1721 at Haughton le Skerne. In 1752 he married Mary RIDSDALE at Darlington.
Family Surnames: Waistol, Wastell, Ridsdale
Thompsons of Haughton le Skerne, 1713 onwards. - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
Hoping to make contact with anyone who has the following children in their tree, in the hope that they can supply information on the children's mother; particularly her maiden name? ... Their father was a John Thompson and mother's Christian name was Elizabeth. .... The children are :- William Thompson bap. 15/04/1713 , Robert Thompson bap. 17/07/1716 , John Thompson bap. 16/09/1718 , Elizabeth Thompson bap. 24/09/1724 and Ralph Thompson bap. 23/05/1727. They were all baptised at Coatham, Haughton le Skerne, so I think one can assume they lived in or around Haughton, certainly between 1713 and 1727. Thompson is variously spelled Thompson, Tompson, Tomson Thomson. .... Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Family Surnames: Thompson, Thomson, Tompson, Tomson
james robinson - (Haughton Le Skerne - Durham)
am looking for my great grandfather james robinson who was a market gardener in haughton le skerne,all we know is he was married to alice , and had two children violet and freda may,but seems to have disappeared sometime prior to 1911,as he is not on the census for 1911, my gran freda thought he had emigrated to australia,and they never heard from him again
Family Surnames: Robinson
thompsons all born haverton hill - (Haverton Hill - Durham)
hi any info mary a thompson 1880 / margaret thompson 1883/ john thompson 1887/ born Haverton Hill there sister was lilian thompson married to john temple hugill eileen
Family Surnames: Thompson Hugill
looking for w l. gibbon - (Haverton Hill - Durham)
looking for william l gibbon, he was born about 1916-1920 . he was in the national service hostel,haverton hill, middlesborough-on -tees in 1948.
Family Surnames: Gibbon
Hawthorn Water mill - (Hawthorn - Durham)
I am looking for information on Hawthorn Mill. My great, great, grandfather was born there in 1812 (Walter Blakey)and became a miller there; his father also a miller John Blakey baptised 1762 may have also lived there.
Family Surnames: Blakey/Dryden/Henderson
Martin - (Hawthorn - Durham)
Looking for info on a Thomas Martin died in ww1 married a Mary Ellen Vickers in 1914, child Margaret Ann bn 1916. Mary Ellen 2nd marriage to John Robson.
Family Surnames: Martin
Hills - (Hawthorn - Durham)
Looking for any informaton about the Hills family Edward died 1908 and the address was Hawthorn Mill and Elizabeth died 1925 the address The Laundry . Does anyone know where these places are? or have any information about the family. Thank you Jean
John Chapman - (Headlam - Durham)
From 1804, John CHAPMAN ran a 'School for Young Gentlemen' at Headlam Hall. Probably retired by 1828, the school then being run by the eldest son, John Robinson CHAPMAN. Any information welcome.
Family Surnames: Chapman
BYERS - (Headlam - Durham)
I am trying to trace Ralph and Ann Byers they were married in 1868 and had 6 chidren, Mary Ann,Thomas,Margaret,Sarah Jane, Hannah and Ralph. I have traced to Thomas married to Margaret in the 1901 census they had six children although two were with their g/parents (they could have had more after 1900) their children were Grace,Mary,Maria,Hilda,Thomas and Margaret. Ralph married Annie and had two children Wilfred and Annie. Has anyone any information thank you Jean
Proud Ross - (Healeyfield - Durham)
Family Surnames: Proud Ross
nardoni 26 albert road - (Hebburn - Durham)
I am searching for either antonio or augustino nardoni thought to have been in this area between1904 and 1918 any help would be greatly appreciated.They used to make ice-cream and their father had a barrel-organ and a monkey as well.
Family Surnames: Nardoni
Pigg Family Of William Street - (Hebburn - Durham)
My grandmother was Mary Pigg, born at 162 William Street in 1894, she married Septimus Brown of Consett. She had three sisters, Elizabeth (Lizzy), Catherine (Kitty) and Cecelia (Cis), two brothers William and Robert. I think they may also have livedat 182 William Street. My great grandparents were James Hunter Pigg (b 1867 Sunderland)and Ellen Jane Paterson Sharp (b 1869 Springburn, Lanark, Scotland). I will be pleased to hear from anyone who may know or have any information about this family
Family Surnames: Pigg Brown Sharp
minto - (Hebburn - Durham)
Any information gratefully received on the Minto family,formerly of Rose street Hebburn,Matthew Minto born 1893 in Hebburn.
Family Surnames: Minto
Bird family of Hebburn, Co Durham - (Hebburn - Durham)
James BIRD, b 1860 Bervie Kincardineshire (s/o James BIRD & Elizabeth FIDDES) marr. Susan STRACHAN in Bervie 1886. They had chn: Eliza 1888, Lily 1891, Edith 1893 & James 1895 all born Hebburn Co Durham. In the 1901 census they lived at 3 Thistle StHebburn & James was a fitter steam engine worker. Does anyone have any information about this family?
Family Surnames: Bird, Strachan, Fiddes
ellen wood - (Hebburn - Durham)
Trying to trace ellen wood or any members of the family,used to live at 9 Rose Street, Heburn.
Family Surnames: Wood
Totton O'Rourke - (Hebburn - Durham)
I am trying to find any information on my grandparents who lived in East Street Hebburn. John Totton married Bridget O'Rourke in 1925. They had 4 children, John, Mary (who became a nun), Tim and Margaret (Jeannie, who moved to France). Bridgie had a sister Lizzie, who was deaf and dumb.
Family Surnames: Totton O'rourke
Carroll family - (Hebburn - Durham)
I am looking for information re Thomas Carroll who lived at 4,Wood Street, Hebburn in 1914. he had a brother Edward and his father's name was Patrick.
Family Surnames: Carroll
Edmond Bridgett and descendants - (Hebburn - Durham)
Hannah Turner of Oakthorpe, Derby married Edmond Bridget, a lifelong coalminer, in 1849. The family left the Midlands in c1862. There were many Bridgets, Bridgetts in the NE at the time of the 1901 census almost all of whom I can connect to my tree.
Family Surnames: Bridgett, Moorhouse, Ellis
Willan Family - (Hebburn - Durham)
Am looking for anyone who may have Louisa Willan in their family tree born in Hebburn - I think - 17/8/83 am trying to trace parents and any siblings. She married James Mulholland not sure when.
Family Surnames: Willan/Mulholland
Cummins - (Hebburn - Durham)
Trying to trace any relatives of my husband's family. His father was Arthur Cummins born in Hebburn 1909 and there was a connection with Boulden Colliery. Other family names include John and Joe Cummins
Family Surnames: Cummins Hebburn Sunderland
WATSON - (Hebburn - Durham)
Looking for information on James Watson, who lived at "Tyne View" (possibly Hebburn)with 4 children Marrianne, Elizabeth, Eleanor & James all born 1905 onwards. He was a manufacturing chemist with own business (possibly in Gateshead) and was at the opening of the Hebburn Medical Centre (no date). Have tried all usual routes, bmd etc and drawn blanks.
Family Surnames: Watson
COWAN COWEN ALLISON family - (Hebburn - Durham)
COWAN COWEN ALLISON FAMILY looking for any relatives of my grandfather JOHN HENRY COWEN/COWAN born in St Anthony's (Newcastle) in 1868 and grandmother ANN ALLISON born in Penshaw around 1870. They were married in 1893 and had THOMAS, NORMAN, WALTER, MINNIE, JOHN and ELSIE and maybe two other children OLIVE and MAY but not sure of that. John Henry Cowen was a muscian and drowned on tour in Australia around 1909. In 1901 they were living in St Oswalds road Hebburn. Thanks in advance.
Family Surnames: Cowan Cowen Allison
Doran & Featherstonhaugh - (Hebburn - Durham)
Looking for any connections or info pertaining to James DORAN born approx. late 1890's, died mid 1930's. James married Kathleen FEATHERSTONHAUGH 1918. Kathleen was born approx. 1898. James and Kathleen lived their married life together in Monkton Village,near Hebburn.
Family Surnames: Doran Featherstonhaugh
WRAITH, SOUTHERLAND - (Hebburn - Durham)
George Wraith married Isabella Southerland. Their daughter, Ann, was born 26 January 1843 at Hebburn. I do not know where/when the marriage took place or any details about the dates, or places, of birth re George and Isabella. I would be most grateful for any information. Their daughter, Ann (named above) married Hales Richardson in 1863.
Family Surnames: Wraith, Southerland
Robert Hall - (Hebburn - Durham)
I am trying to find information on Robert Hall born 5.4.1902 in the St.Pauls area of Jarrow. He joined the R.A.F. in 1922 and stayed till 1929. He re-joined in 1939 to 1945. In 1942 he married Kathleen Tyler/Underwood. His address is given as 56 Jutland Ave Hebburn which is the same as the address on his discharge from the R.A.F. Any information on him or his family would be appreciated as I have no further information after 1945. Thanks
Family Surnames: Hall
William Thompson - (Hebburn - Durham)
Alice (Daisy) Maude Atcheson Thompson had three boys Henry, Sheriff and Richard with an older man named William Thompson who was married at the time with 4 much older boys. I am looking for any information on William Thompson or his decendents from 1901 to 1910
Family Surnames: Thompson
Rutherford & Wilson famillies - (Hebburn - Durham)
Any info on the Rutherford family, of Lindisfarne Road, Hebburn (Charles, Peter, etc...) and the Wilson (Isabelle, Robert, etc...) family of Hebburn, would be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Rutherford/Wilson
WILSON - (Hebburn - Durham)
Family Surnames: Wilson
Maughan - (Hebburn - Durham)
James Maughan born 1801 died 1827 married Isabella Waddle born 1805 married at Hebburn or Jarrow in 1826. Any information at all.
Family Surnames: Maughan Waddle
John Alnwick - (Hebburn - Durham)
Any information on John Alnwick, born 1890 married Jane Grieves Lambert born 1891. children NAN JOHN RONNIE MILDRED. Lived in Mons ave.
semmence - (Hebburn - Durham)
Does anyone have any information of Semmences back in late 1890`s, early 1900`s? I would be very greatful for any info. Many thanks, Christina.
Family Surnames: Semmence
hewitt - (Hebburn - Durham)
looking for relatives of norman hewitt , parents william and christina, living in hebburn 1910
Family Surnames: Hewitt
hewitt william james - (Hebburn - Durham)
born lived in wigton cumbria until his marriage to christina wilson in around 1906 son of elizabeth and archibald , siblingsjohn and eliziabeth (perhaps more)last known alive in 1912 living in lemmington newburn hall any info will be gratefully recieved :)
Family Surnames: Hewitt
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