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Mary Plant landlady Cliff and Ferryboat Inn - (Weston-on-Trent - Derbyshire)
Mary Plant nee Fisher was landlady of the Cliff and Ferry Boat tavern down by the canal at Weston on Trent. the building is still there. she was born at Swalkstone. Her mother was a Garner from Osmanston. Mary was my 3xgreat grandmother. Any connections with Fishers or Garners ?Elizabeth plant (Mary's daughter) married John Tatam at melbourne they had children born at Staunton Harold and Etwall where John Tatam was a gardener.
Family Surnames: Plant,Fisher,Garner,Tatam
Bailey - (Whaley Bridge - Derbyshire)
Hannah Bailey, daughter of Joseph Bayley and Betty Faulkner, born 1803 at Whaley Bridge. Siblings: Elizabeth, Joseph, Peter, John, Sarah, Samuel, George. Hannah married Joseph Heathcote and emigrated to America in 1843. Looking for families of Joseph Bayley and Betty Faulkner.
Family Surnames: Bailey Bayley Heathcote
Jodrell - (Whaley Bridge - Derbyshire)
Interested in corresponding with anyone researching the Jodrell's from Whaley Bridge and Macclesfield Forest. Also interested in information on Mary Shrigley b.abt 1710, Jane Birchenall, Martha Mathers b.abt 1845, Nancy Kemp (m. James Jodrell), Elizabeth Ann Wood b.25 March 1874
Family Surnames: Jodrell Wood Shrigley Birchenall Mathers Kemp
family tree - (Whaley Bridge - Derbyshire)
looking for any information on george wild abt 1854 1 daughter ann
Family Surnames: Wild
Whittington, Royston Yorkshire - (Whittington Moor - Derbyshire)
Looking for any information on birth of Phillip COOPER born at Whittington around 1895. Went to live with his step granfather in James Henry Thomas in Royston (1901 census). Parents beleived to be Robert and Mary COOPER (died before 1901). Sister Kezia born 1891. There is a Mary at same address on 1901 but beleive this may be Keziah. Any help appreciated
Family Surnames: Cooper
SMITH - (Whittington Moor - Derbyshire)
I am researching my family in the Northamptonshire area and my initial findings have identified that a Charles H Smith (Great Grandfather, born 1864 moved to Thrapston c1881, Northamptonshire as a farm hand and married a Rose Smith and had two children: Constance R Smith and Reginald H Smith. Any help to identifying Charles parents and siblings would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Smith
Briggs Family - (Whittington Moor - Derbyshire)
Looking for my GF George William, born abt 1887, married Mary Clark 1915, had a brother Claude and a sister Babara who was married twice, Cropper then Freeman, she had two children Amos Cropper and James Walter Freeman,my GF remarried in 1944 to Ivy Wilson they owned a couple of cafes in Nottingham where he died in 1955 any help appreciated
Family Surnames: Briggs, Clark, Wilson, Cropper, Freeman
Treece - (Whittington Moor - Derbyshire)
Can anybody tell me anything about the family of William and Mary Hannah Treece who I believe lived in Whittington in the 1890s. Mary Hannah died there in 1896 but I cannot find a death of William Treece.
Family Surnames: Treece
davies - (Whittington Moor - Derbyshire)
my grandfather william henry davies was born 1876 whittington moor he married eva childs in middlesbrough 1898 had 5 boys that i know of william , harold ,ernest, ronald ,and charles , 2 girls eva and jessie any one out there helpme with any other info
Family Surnames: Davies
Gee And Lowe - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Charles LOWE married Mary COCKING 1842 Samuel GEE born 1811. Researching.
Family Surnames: Gee Lowe
Wells Waller Pitchfork Cresswell - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Anyone have any information on these names in the 1800's.
Family Surnames: Wells Waller Pitchfork Cresswell
Milner fanily - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Has anyone sorted out the relationships of the large MILNER family in Whitwell, Clowne & Elmton in the eigteenth century?
Family Surnames: Milner Milne Preston
LEVICK - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Can anyone tell me about Samuel LEVICK's two wives. I believe he was married to an Ann Leggatt around 1830, and had three sons. One of them may have also been called Samuel. Who were the other two? and what happened to them when their Mother died.Did she die? Samuel married again in 1838 to Mary Simpson of Stockwell. They had three daughters - possibly Mary, Ann and Caroline. Caroline married Enoch Blower and had four? daughters.
Family Surnames: Levick
ANN LEGATT - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Can anyone help me trace information on Ann Leggatt of Whitwell? She married Samuel Levick,on 29/10/1827 but sadly seems to have died after having three sons to him. He married again. One of her sons may have also been called Samuel Levick, Christened on 19th June 1831. Who were his brothers? What happened to them after their Mother died. I have found no records of her death, but Samuel Levick remarried on 31st May 1838. Who raised them?
Family Surnames: Legatt
NORMAN family - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
John NORMAN, the son of William and Ann Coup, was a wheelwright who married Mary GREGORY. Both were born in the late 1700's. Their son William NORMAN was born in Ranskill c. 1813, but the family returned to Whitwell probably about 1820.
Family Surnames: Norman Gregory Coup Coupe
Unwin Whyles - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
I was born in Whitwell in 1944 my name Stan Unwin my family have lived in Whitwell for a generations my mother was Doris Unwin (nee Whyles) my Father Samuel Unwin My grandfather Joseph Whyles grand mother Rebecca Whyles, My grandfather was also William Unwin, I would be Grateful to anyone Who has any info on my family.
Family Surnames: Unwin Whyles
Unwin / Whyles family - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
my family have lived in Whitwell and Creswell for generations I would be gratefull for any one who has info on my family
Family Surnames: Unwin/ Whyles
BARTHOLOMEW - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Looking for Williams parents.... 1. William BARTHOLOMEW was born 1790c , Killamarsh, Derbyshire , England. He married Hannah DURHAM on 7th Apr 1817 at St. Peter, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England Children were; 2i. William 1820c christened 18th Jan 1 820 ii Elizabeth 1822c 20th Jan 1822 iii Thomas 1823c 2nd Nov 1823 iv George 1825c 10th April 1825 v Edward 1826c 10th Sep 1826 2i. William BARTHOLOMEW was born 1820c Killamarsh Derbyshire and married Mary GLOSSOP on 1st July 1850 at Whitwell Parish Church Derbyshire. Children were; i Sarah 17th November 1850 Whitwell 3ii Francis 31st October 1852 Whitwell iii Thomas 7th September 1856 Elmton iv William 4th April 1858 Elmton v Robert 4th March 1860 Elmton vi Edward 13th October 1861 Elmton vii John Thomas 1871/72 Creswell
Family Surnames: Bartholomew
Gee Family of firbeck - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
I am looking for information on the Gee family of firbeck and Whitwell anyone with information on this family please contact me.
JOE HENRY COWLISHAW - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
JOE HENRY COWLISHAW born 07.12.1830, parents JOHN COWLISHAW AND MARY COWLISHAW (NEE MAPPIN)married 1828 Sheffield. JOE HENRY COWLISHAW had a connection with Whitwell somewhere between the period approx. 1840 - 1850 aged 10 - 20, therefore could have been a scholar. Does anyone know anything
Family Surnames: Cowlishaw/Mappin
Bradshaw - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Seeking information on Thomas and Mary Bradshaw of Hall Leys, Whitwell and their descendants. Thomas was at Whitwell from about 1635 until his death in 1660.
Family Surnames: Bradshaw
Michael E. Higgins - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
I would be grateful for any information concerning Michael E. Higgins who was killed on 7th October 1961, South of France. I belive he was killed in a Air Crash, I would be very interested in any information concerning the Crash Investigation
Family Surnames: Higgins
Ponsonby / barker - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
WILLIAM PONSONBY MARRIED BRIDGET BARKER on 1/9/1771 BY LICENCE she was born on 11/8/1748 daughter of ROBERT and ELIZABETH BARKER of WHITWELL DERBYSHIRE she was buried burnby east yorkshire in 1823 aged 75 WILLIAM PONSONBY was curate at whitwell from jan/1766 untill 1771 when he became rector of burnby east yorkshire untill his death july/1814 aged 72 he's buried next to the alter in the burnby church their children were nancy1772, elizabeth1773, emilia1775, john1777, mary1779, bridget1782, william1784, harriet1789, charlotte1792 would like information on william's parents
Family Surnames: Ponsonby, Barker, Rook, Stubbs, Wilkinson, Wilson, Snowden, Weddall, Garrett
grundy nook - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Does anyone have any info on Grundy Nook at the families that lived there in Whitwell?
Family Surnames: Barlow
GUIRDHAM/GUARDHAM - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Any information on families with the above surname in Whitwell would be very welcome by a 90 year old descendant.
Butcher family - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Butcher family from about 1700 - 1901 living in Whitwell, Elmton and Cresswell.
Family Surnames: Butcher
Jervis Parkin - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Would love to hear from anyone also researching the above individual as I believe he may be connected to the Parkins I am researching but just need a few more clues first. The spelling of his christian name could also be Jarvis or Garvis and he also might have a connection with Norton in Derbyshire and not just Whitwell. Thanks
Family Surnames: Parkin Jervis Jarvis Garvis
Streets Family of Whitwell - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
I am looking for any information on the Streets family of Whitwell. Thomas and Hannah both born 1860 and their children. Any information would be helpful to my search. Thank you.
Brunt family of The Cinders farm 1800's. - (Whitwell - Derbyshire)
Any info on Brunt family living at The Cinders Farm, Gypsyhill Lane during the 1800's. Also members of the family living in the village of Whitwell.
Family Surnames: Brunt.
Sir Thomas Abney - (Willesley - Derbyshire/ Liecestershire)
From the Century Cyclopedia of Names 1895 Sir Thomas Abney was born at Willesley in January 1640, and died at Theobalds, Herts. 6th Feb. 1722. A London merchant, originally a fishmonger, he was sheriff of London and Middlesex 1693-4 and one of the original directors of the Bank of England, and Lord Mayor of London 1700-01
Family Surnames: Abney
Ancestor search - (Willesley - Derbyshire/ Liecestershire)
Looking for parents of gt.x3 grandfather (George Anthony)and also any siblings, addresses etc. also of his wife Mary Hanson. c.1830 +/- 20 years. Came from Ripley area.
Family Surnames: Anthony
Carrington - (Williamthorpe - Derbyshire)
Seeking information about George CARRINGTON and his son John CARRINGTON of Woodside Farm. John married Martha SHEPPARD at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Salter Gate, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in December 1902.
Family Surnames: Carrington
The Gaskin Family - (Willington - Derbyshire)
There were Gaskins in Willington, Derbys. from the later part of the 18th century. Many of the men of the family were builders and bricklayers, right through the 19th century. Some may have worked on Repton School just a few miles down the road.The family grew in numbers throughout the 19th century and was connected with many other local families, including Bodin, Southernwood, Bull, Marshall, Crossley.
Family Surnames: Gaskin Southernwood Bull Bodin Marshall Crossley.
Will Of William Southernwood, Boatman, Dated 1820 - (Willington - Derbyshire)
This will names members of William Southernwood's family as well as Mary Weems, Elizabeth Williams, Sarah Carroll. The witnesses were Sarah Hinkley & Thos. Lowe and the executors were William Peach & Elizabeth Southernwood.
Family Surnames: Southernwood Weems Williams Carroll Peach Hinkley Lowe
Tracing Gaskin's in Willington - (Willington - Derbyshire)
I am trying to trace John Gaskin born 20/10/1844 in Willington, Derby. He married Sarah Hulland in Brailsford. His father was William Gaskin. Can anybody help?
Family Surnames: Gaskin
Thomas Tomlinson 1900 - 1910 - (Willington - Derbyshire)
I'm researching my family tree and I'm looking for information about the man who I believe was my grandfather, Thomas Tomlinson (b. c1855 Bradley, Derbyshire), who farmed in Willington, Derbyshire around 1900. I believe he occupied Dale Farm, Findern Road (now Lane) between 1900 and 1910. Any information would be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Tomlinson
Haynes family - (Willington - Derbyshire)
Our gggrandfather John Haynes is listed in census as born around 1796 Willington Derbys. He moved around as a gardener, marrying Hannah Stonehouse in Stretton en le Field, & having children in Bretby & Kirkby Mallory before living in Derby. Anyone know this family? His father is possibly Joseph Haynes. Thanks
Family Surnames: Haynes
Jane Maddox/Maddock/Maddocks - (Willington - Derbyshire)
Jane was born in Repton about 1858, Daughter of Zillah Maddock. Aged 2 she is lodging with a Robert & Hannah Piper/Pipes in Willington. Jane married Charles Haynes in Willington in 1877. They moved to Castle Bromwich. After Charles death in 1882 Jane moved to Birmingham. She had a daughter Zillah in 1884 & remarried to Thomas Clinton in Birmingham. I am willing to share info.
Family Surnames: Maddox/Maddock/Maddocks/Haynes/Piper
Piper/Pipes Family - (Willington - Derbyshire)
My husbands ancester was Jane Maddock,daughter of Zillah Maddock. Jane was lodging with a Robert & Hannah Piper/Pipes in Willington Derbyshire in 1861, she was 2. At her marriage to Charles Haynes in 1877 a Herbert Piper & Elizabeth Piper are Witnesses. I am willing to share info.
Family Surnames: Maddox/Piper/Pipes
Felthouse / Chawner - (Willington - Derbyshire)
Am looking for information about Samuel Felthouse, born c 1805 in Willington. Samuel married Sarah Chawner on 31 July 1827 in Willington but by 1841 they were living in New Street, Burton on Trent. Any information on Samuel or Sarah (born c 1805) would be very much appreciated. Sue
Family Surnames: Felthouse / Chawner
Hutchinson family - (Willington - Derbyshire)
I am looking for Henry Hutchinson born Willington Derbs 1828 he married Louisa Dudley at Grantham Lincolnshire cristine
Family Surnames: Hutchinson
Edward Gaskin - (Willington - Derbyshire)
I have deeds to property bearing the signature of Edward Gaskin in 1866 in Willington Derbyshire
Family Surnames: Gaskin
THEOBALD - (Wilsthorpe - Derbyshire)
Looking for more information about my 4 x Gt Grandmother, Jane THEOBALD. All I have so far is that she was born at Wilsthorpe, Derbyshire around 1771/1772 and was one of five children to Thomas THEOBALD and Mary HENSHAW. She married Henry HANBURY at Wilsthorpe in 1803, had several children (at least 5 that I know about) and died at Wilsthorpe on 7th November 1841 aged 69. Henry pre-deceased her by 4 years.
Family Surnames: Theobald, Hanbury
mountford family - (Windley - Derbyshire)
I am looking for information please on a Reverend Edward MOUNTFORD,he was born abt 1830,he was a private tutor,he was a reverend of church of England,but cant find a parish ,he was married to Isabella They had 3 children to speak of Francis Edward MOUNTFORD,Henry Cape MOUNTFORD AND Isabella Any information please
STUBBIN/MOER/MORE - (Wingerworth - Derbyshire)
Dorothea STUBBIN married Willi MOER 1679. Also Dorothea STUBBINGE married Edward MORE 1640. Any info?
Family Surnames: Stubbin(G)/Moer/More
BIRDALLE/MOWER - (Wingerworth - Derbyshire)
Katherine BIRDALLE married Arthur MOWER 1613. Any info?
Family Surnames: Birdalle/Mower
Swift of Wingerworth - (Wingerworth - Derbyshire)
William Swift born abt 1766 in Wingerworth. Married Hannah nee Mellor. These were my gt gt gt gt gt grandparents.Any information regarding William's parents William and Mary would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Swifts
parke of wingerworth - (Wingerworth - Derbyshire)
Looking for my ancestor Peter Parke born WINGERWORTH 1722 no details of parents at all .Can you help anything would be a plus,thank you Kind Regards Keith
Property Records - (Winshill - Derbyshire)
Family oral history claims that at the turn of the twentieth century, Alice Slater nee Callant inherited eight properties from her mother Jane Smith/Callant in the Winshill District. Would like to determine if this claim is correct.
Family Surnames: Slater
Hicklin/harvey - (Winshill - Derbyshire)
Robert Harvey born I believe Newhall circa.1869 married Louisa Hicklin 1901. Louisa was a Johnson before her Hicklin marriage. Robert ran away with Louisa's daughter Clara Hicklin b.1883ish. Anyone with any interest please contact me. I would love to know what happened to Robert and Clara.
Family Surnames: Hicklin Harvey
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