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Thomas CHANT 1798-1878 - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Thomas CHANT married Eleanor GENDAL 1795 St Gluvias. They had two known children, Eleanor 1795 who married about 1816 in Falmouth and Thomas 1798 Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset. Thomas jnr. married Elizabeth WARD in 1824 in Falmouth and they had nine known children and among their marriages are connections to ARMSTRONG, TIDDY and TYLER families. Thomas jnr. died 1878 in Falmouth. I should like information please on the family connection with the Somerset village where my CHANT family is rooted. Thomas senior may be a missing link. Thanks for any help.
Family Surnames: Chant Gendal Ward Armstrong Tiddy Tyler
Mellor / Rapson : Falmouth, Penryn - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
William Mellor married Grace Rapson on 27 Oct 1807 in St Gluvias Church. William's mother and father were Thomas and Ann Mellor - does anybody know of Thomas and Ann and where they came from, or where they died ? Was there a link with a family by the name of Phillips : William and Grace had a daughter and her middle name was Phillips - to remember a female ancestor ?
Family Surnames: Mellor, Rapson
Ernest Bray - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Born Falmouth in 1888 married Florence May in 1913
Family Surnames: Bray
Densham, Coustis, Custis, Pelham, Mance - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Christianna Coustis (born c1829) married John Densham (born c1821) around 1852 in Truro. They were Quakers who ran away to marry. Had son Samuel Densham. Christianna later married Thomas Pelham. They had one daughter in Dorking _ Jane Eliza Pelham. After Thomas died, Christianna married William Mance. I am looking for anyone in Dorking, Wandsworth, Surrey, or Cornwall and Devon researching any of these surnames. Family also listed as Dansham or Danesham in census for Falmouth
Family Surnames: Densham, Coustis, Custis, Pelham, Mance
Falmouth Bible Christians/ Quakers - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Christianna Coustis was born in Cornwall in 1829. According to some census info she was born in 'Key', which I believe may be Kea, since she married in Truro in 1852, but she is also registered as born and baptised under the Falmouth Circuit of Bible Christians. Family lore says that she and her husband, John Densham, are believed to have been Quakers who left the Friends because they found the lifestyle too strict, but this may have been the Bible Christians. Any information, or suggestions of how to find out more would be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Densham, Coustis, Curtis, Custis, Courtice
GILBERT, Joseph - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Looking for info on marriage/parents of Joseph Gilbert b 1804 Grade,Cornwall. Married Ann ?somebody? He was a Coastguard, moved to Dorset. Probably Methodist Church.
Family Surnames: Gilbert
Gimlett - Marine Hotel - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Thomas Henry Gimlett ran the Marine Hotel in Falmouth around the turn of the twentieth century. Does anyone have any information on this hotel?
Family Surnames: Gimlett
Maddern - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Trying to track a John Maddern born about 1809 in Falmouth. He later married Elizabeth?? and had a son John b. 4/4/1835 in Falmouth. John sen was I believe a captain of a man-o-war apprehending slavers and pirates off the coast of Africa around 1830.
Family Surnames: Maddern
sinclair or sinkler in falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I have recently found out that some of my ancestors came from falmouth,budock and mawnan in cornwall.the surnames that i am interested in are Sinclair,Sinkler,Gray,Shutford,Christophers,Medlin,Lawry,Eva and Renfree.I would be interested in any info about these names
Family Surnames: Sinclair,Gray,Shutfod,Christophers,Medlin,Lawry,Eva,Renfree
PERRATON BLITCHFORD - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
JAMES PEDRICK PERRATON snr b1861 Thurlestone Devon and JAMES PEDRICK PERRATON jrn b 1886 Churchstow, Devon. uncle and nephew not father and son, moved down to Cornwall form South Hams after 1901 census. James jnr married for second time Elsie Mary BLITCHFORD (b1889 Truro,Cornwall) married Falmouth 1929.He married Sarah Preece in Churchstow church,Devon 1915. There is no record of Sarah either dying or on any census.
Family Surnames: Perraton, Blitchford ,Preece
christophers - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I am trying to trace my grandfather, Wilfred (Noel?) Christophers, I believe he lived or worked in Penryn or falmouth or there abouts. He married Bessie Carter from Helston, and they had one child my father. They separated when I was about 3, 1950 and I have no. memories of him at all.
Family Surnames: Christophers
MORGAN - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I am lookinfg for information on the surname MORGAN, Charles Morgan born abt 1810 Falmouth,Margaret Morgan born abt 1811(her married surname was WEYMOUTH)mother Jane Morgan born abt 1771,in 1851 census Charles,Margaret and mother Jane Morgan were in Plymouth St Andrews Devon,Charles Morgan a Licence Vitualler ran the Dolphin Inn and the (Golden Fleece public house 1861)It is said Charles Morgan entertained some of the Toll Puddle Martye's on their return from Australia all info most welcome thank you
Family Surnames: Morgan,Weymouth,Betts,Radmore
Trewin,Adams,Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Researching Thomas H Trewin (DOB 1870) The 1901 Census shows him as a cab driver in Falmouth. Married Mary Adams, a farmers daughter in 1896. They had several children including Gwendoline and Lucy. Any additional info. would be most welcome.
Family Surnames: Trewin,Adams
Edward Simmons C 1820 - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Thought to be born in Corwall, no details of parents.Arrived in SA 1853, died 1870- a shooting accident at Duck Ponds. Married Maria Babstock in Adelaide,1859,6 children.Why was he 33 before he married? Any missing Edwards in your tree? Others aboard the 'William Stewart' appeared to be from Budock and Falmouth - a clue?
Family Surnames: Simmons, Edward
Denford and Truscott - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Walter Hicks Truscott arrived SA in 1853, married Mary, 10 known children. Isabella Truscott married Lancelet (?)6 known children. Common thread seems to be seafaring and butchery - there are 2 Truscott familes with Hicks as a second name!Lavinia Denford married John Truscott Boaz in 1846.Will exchange all.
Family Surnames: Hicks Truscott
Davis - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Richard and Alicia Davis and their 11 children lived in Falmouth at least from 1878 to present day. Agnes and Kitty ran a small private school -St Joseph's, Kimberley Place 1953.
Family Surnames: Davis, Tothill, Powne
Barnett of Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Looking for any connection to John Barnett born about 1797in Falmouth, Cornwall. He became a mariner and officer of customs. Went to live in Pembrokeshire at some point where he married Mary (Hyland) and started his family. Later moved to the Wirral, Cheshire where he remained until his death in 1865. Does anyone have any more information on his birth or parents? Thanks for looking.
Family Surnames: Barnett
John Barnett, Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Master mariner, born Falmouth 1797. Married Mary ? from Milford Haven, died Birkenhead 1865. Had several children including Thomas Hyland Barnett, born about 1820, married Jane Rushton of West Derby in Liverpool 1842.
Family Surnames: Barnett
Hooker family - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Searching for anyone who has come across Nathaniel Hooker who married Elizabeth Wendon,around the last quarter of the 1700's and lived probably anywhere in the West.
Family Surnames: Hooker, Wendon.
? Kosinia Born in Falmouth 1859 - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
According to the 1891 Cencus my 2x grandmother Kosinia was born in Falmouth abt 1859 and she married Daniel Higgins in Manchester born in 1858 in Montram Manchester. They had 6 children. I dont know her maiden name. Not much to go on I know.
Family Surnames: ? Kosinia
Cox family, Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
My James Blatch Cox brought his young family to Falmouth in 1843 from Somerset, he was an ironmonger and had been a baptist minister, how did he aspire to Mayor after only 4 years there? I believe he was connected to the building of the waterworks. His sons and grandsons went on to be pillars of society, the postmaster and managers of the shipyard and another mayor, yet none remain there now, I have researched them to some extent, but the question remains, what brought James there in the first place? My grandfather left there in 1918, only returning in later life for holidays and did not keep in touch with 'family', so it remains for me to piece together the family from those times. Any help would be appreciated
Family Surnames: Cox
Bennetto - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I'm looking for the parents/siblings of a Thomas Bennetto born 1829 in Falmouth. In different censuses the spelling has been Bennett, Bennetts, Bonnetto. He married Grace Lowry in 1851 and then an Eleanor Peake (Peek)
Family Surnames: Bennetto Bennett Bonnetto Benetto
Falmouth/ Shoubridge - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Hello, I am looking for any information on my great grandmothers family. Her name was Winsome Shoubridge and she was born in 1904 in falmouth i have already tried to search for family members who may have lived in falmouth but have come up with nothing which is odd due to the unusual surname. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Family Surnames: Shoubridge, Doherty
Hackles, Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I am looking for further information about my grandmother, Elizabeth Rosina Hackles, who gave birth to my mother, Gertrude, in Falmouth April 1922. She subsequently married at least once, and looked after five children including my mother (not clear if some were step children) Mother's siblings included brother Roy, sister Pat, older sister Squee (?) Family were bombed out during the war.
Family Surnames: Hilton, Hackles, Hilton Hackles
Royal Cornwall Homes for Girls - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I am looking for any info regarding the Royal Cornwall Home for Girls in Falmouth,particularly the time between 1885 and 1895 as my grandmother was an inmate there at the time. Her name was Clarice Smith and her father was William Smith a merchant seaman and mother Elizabeth Edwards. She was charged as a 7yr old with being a "neglected child". Any info re Clarice or her parents would be gratefully received.
Family Surnames: Smith, Edwards, Pauley Or Pawley
clark(e) of Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
looking for info on (1) Otho(otto) Clark(e) born 1821 (2) Otho Clark(e) born 1841 son of otho 1 (3) otho Clark(e) born 1878 son of otho 2 grandson otho 1 I have another aged 15 in 1881 but not sure where he fitd in all were mariners R.N ANY INFO ON FAMILY APPRECIATED
Family Surnames: Clark(E)
Barnicoat/Toy/Yeoman - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I am looking into the family links between the above families. Laura Evelyn Toy and her sister Lilly and brother John Yeoman were orphaned in 1876 ( Father Frederick Toy died in 1871 and mother Laura Ellen Toy (nee yeoman) died in 1876) and taken into the family of Chas. Barnicoat - wife Laura. I have no idea whether the link was through the Toy family or the Yeomans. Any help welcomed! Rachel
Family Surnames: Barnicoat Toy Yeoman
Edgcombe's of Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
The 1841 census gives Henry Edgcombe, b 1791, stonemason, his wife, Catherine bc. 1791 and their 6 children. Henry died in 1856. The 1861 census sees Catherine,68, living with her son, Joseph 25, who was a waterman and her nephew John Brewer 5. In the 1871 census, Joseph 35 was living with his twin sister, Mary, his younger sister, Matilda 30, and his children, John Edgcome 14 and Bessy Edgcome 4. Joseph and his two sisters, however, are all listed as unmarried. John Brewer of the 1861 census cannot possibly be Catherine's nephew and, is more likely to be the unmarried Joseph's son (of the 1871 census.)This seems to indicate that the boy's mother was ? Brewer. Joseph died in Jul/Aug/Sep 1871 and I can find no mention of John after the census of that year, in which his occupation is listed as "Mason's app." Bessy was a "chip off the old block" and, at the time of the 1891 census was Head of the household, Single, 23, a laundress living with her young son, Herbert C. Edgcombe and a single, 26 year old seaman from Leeds as a boarder. If anyone can widen my knowledge of this family - particularly Henry and Catherine. Many thanks
Rowling/Murphy - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Looking for info on Mary Rowling born 1857, James Henry Rowling born 1847 Benjamin Rowling boen 1864 all in Falmouth.
Family Surnames: Rowling / Murphy
Murphy - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
looking for info on Margaret Murphy born Ireland 1827 and died 1884 Falmouth. Husband was William Murphy born 1824.
Family Surnames: Murphy
John PARKMAN - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
i have a copy of the Marriage banns for John Parkman and Anne keverne in Falmouth 1779. Looking for local records such as rate books etc as to whether he lived in Falmouth or in Transit, He later became a Pilot for the Coast of FRANCE in the pay of the Royal Navy at Portsmouth
Lobeck - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Interested on the Lobeck family that lived in Falmouth from about 1861 . Carl or Karl or Charles was a ships chandler and came from Memel in Prussia .Its believed the family moved on to Barry in Monmouthshire at the turn of the century and continued to trade from there ..Any info on Lobeck,s in Uk or Memel in Prussia would help...Thanks Roy
Family Surnames: Lobeck
John Manners - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Im looking for any information on John Manners born Falmouth c1838. Cant find anything out about him. Since writing this ive had a couple of messages concerning him after his marriage but know nothing of him before it. Any help gratefully received thankyou.
Family Surnames: Manners
Charles Bertram King - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Charles B. King owned a hotel in Falmouth. He was the father of my great grandmother Kate (born May 1855) and a son with the same name. I am looking for information about the family and the hotel. My great grandmother married and moved to Norway. Her surname as married was Middelthon.
Family Surnames: King
west family - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Looking for any information regarding William Henry West married Harriet Maria Samels or Sammells born Antony Cornwall. William Henry was born Falmouth in 1833 to John West and Elizabeth Crapp. William was an Able Seaman on the "Vengeance" at the time of his marriage to Harriet in May 1855. Harriet Maria remarried in England to Robert Blackwood Gillan. Her daughter Elizabeth Ann drowned in the River Mersey in the 1890's and her youngest daughter Harriet Jane died of pneumonia also in the 1890's. Any info regarding this family would be appreciated also any info regarding the Sammels family. On the 1851 census the name is written as Samuel but this is incorrect.
Family Surnames: West, Sammels, Samels, Crapp
STRONGMAN Charles & Ursula (Penrose) - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Ursula PENROSE married Charles STRONGMAN in Falmouth (Cornwall) on 17 Feb. 1760. I am looking for information of ancestors and descendants.
Family Surnames: Strongman, Penrose
SUMMERS - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Families of the surname SUMMERS in this town
Family Surnames: Summers
LEWIS family Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I am interested in any LEWIS family members in Falmouth in late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Particularly Fritz Lewis, apprentice at Cox's Engineering 1892-1895, rugby player, champion swimmer of Cornwall 1895, waterworks inspector. Also Arthur Lewis, doctor, died 1898.
Family Surnames: Lewis
John Peters WILLS - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
John Peters Wills was born to Sarah illegitimately in 1836 in St Kerverne. He married Martha J Pascoe and had 5 children all born in St Kerverne wher John worked as a Green grocer: John Henry Pascoe Wills 1862, Sarah AugustaWills 1871, Mary Ann Wills 1865, Martha Jane Wills 1867 and Elizabeth Margaret Wills 1869. Sarah senior died in Falmouth in 1879, where the family moved when John became an insurane agent. I believe that John was named after Leon Peters who married Sarah's mother Grace in 1811 when Sarah was only 3years old. He may well have been Sarah's father. John had two siblings Samuel 1848 and George James 1851, whom I believe were sired by Henry James in St Kerverne, where Sarah was a housekeeper. George married my ggranmother Christina Galloway in Perth Scotland while serving in the 13th Hussars.
Family Surnames: Wills, Pascoe, Peters, Galloway
John Stevens/Mary Oppy - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I am looking for information on our gt gt grandfather John Stevens born Falmouth ca 1845 to John Stevens and Mary (nee Oppy). John (jnr) immigrated to Queensland, Australia around 1865. He married Susan Proctor in Rockhampton, Queensland in 1868. To date, I have been unsuccessful in locating his family in Cornwall. Wendy.
Family Surnames: Stevens Oppy
Caffry/Carkeet - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Hi I'm looking for any info on Phillis Carkeet who married James Caffry (Caffrey/Coffrey) in Falmouth in 1800. They have at least 1 daughter Elizabeth who married a John Yeoman any help much appreciated Rachel
Family Surnames: Carkeet,Caffrey,Coffrey,Caffry
Charles Bertram KING born 1820 innkeeper of Fountain Inn, Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Hello, I am looking for anyone researching the name KING from Falmouth. Charles B King married Grace BALE and they had two children Charles B (1852)& Kate (1855)
Family Surnames: King Bale Middelthon
Bettles - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Looking for Harriett Bettles - who moved to Islington London She was born approx 1822
Family Surnames: Bettles
WHEATLEY - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I'm looking for the parents of George WHEATLEY who married Temperance OPPEY 12th August 1792 at Falmouth. George was a baker in Falmouth for many years before he died 11th May 1846 at Falmouth. George appears to have been born outside Cornwall
Family Surnames: Wheatley
Dower children - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
William Stanley, b. 1911 and John, b. 6 May 1915 and Gwendoline Rose,b. 1 June 1919 - children of Harriet (Hetty?)Dower -unmarried. Wonder if there were more children born pre 1911 as Harriet,b. 1880, would have then been 30.Would be interested in info relating to any descendents or details re Harriet's life/circumstances.
Family Surnames: Dower
Harwood in Falmouth - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Looking for birth for John Henry Harwood born c1839 in Cornwall. I have found one baptized in Truro. Is this near Falmouth as it seems his parents were married there.
Family Surnames: Harwood, Pollard
Hitchens (sp?) Ann - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Details wanted for marriage of Ann Hitchens in Falmouth in 1829 or 1830. She was born in Grade, Cornwall about 1805.
Family Surnames: Hitchens, Mitchell, Polglase, Gilbert
Quash - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
Any information on George Andrew Quash born abt 1775 - 1777 in Falmouth would be much appreciated. It has been suggested that he may be the Andrew Quash Mariner (using just his middle name as his father was George) who married in West Ham in 1808 and lived and died in Barking Essex.
Family Surnames: Quash
Jones Family - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
John Jones and Amelia Drew had a number of children,John born 1830,Amelia born 1832,Mary born 1834,Emma born 1839,Ann born 1840 and William born 1843,Robert born 1845 and Edwin born 1847,all born in Falmouth,Cornwall.Does anyone have any connection to this Family.
Family Surnames: Jones
Mail Coach Company - (Falmouth - Cornwall)
I have just found the Death notice for John Jones my G.G.Grandfather who passed away July 24th.1846, and it states that he worked for Telegraph Coach Company for many years as a Mail Coach Guard,Could anyone help me to find this company or tell me anything about it.
Family Surnames: Jones
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